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BACWWE (Bay Area Consortium for Water and Wastewater Education)

Find out about a unique educational opportunity that supports those who are entering or advancing in the water and wastewater industry. Industry partners want you to know how varied, interesting, and rewarding careers in this industry can be -- not just financially, but because they are a key element in sustaining a safer, greener, more livable community for all of us. Welcome to the Bay Area Consortium for Water and Wastewater Education (BACWWE).

BACWWE offers the same classes, credits, and Certificate of Achievement that the Solano Community College Water and Wastewater Technology program does. The difference is that because BACWWE industry partners contribute to the program financially, there is no cost to you as a student for the courses or for the required textbooks. Classes are held at utilities throughout the Bay Area, and on the Solano Community College campus.