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Industry Partners

Water and wastewater management careers are interesting, stable, local and profitable—and they are here to stay. Qualified professionals are needed now more than ever to protect every community's environment far into the future.

The Bay Area Consortium for Water and Wastewater Education (BACWWE) was launched in 2007 to connect local water and wastewater employers to a pool of interested students — the next generation of water and wastewater professionals in our area. Many of the 700+ students who have enrolled in 35 BACWWE courses over the past 5 years are already working in the industry.

Whether these students are new to the field or upgrading their skills, they are crucial to BACWWE's strategies for closing the gap between current workforce projections and expected retirements within the next decade.

BACWWE's industry partners support and strengthen the operator training pipeline in several ways: by financially supporting classes (offered through a Contract Education agreement with Solano Community College), by providing the instructors with state-of-the-art knowledge who teach the classes, and by connecting students to internships and eventual employment.

Currently 19 partners fund the program by contributing a fee each academic year that is based on a formula tied to their daily flow of water or wastewater.

Industry Marketing

BACWWE is a winning proposition for students, employees, employers, educators, and the community overall. Through BACWWE classes, students have access to instructors with the most current knowledge — and with ties to the local agencies where they'd like to work or advance their current careers. When they enter or move up in the industry, they have access to the most current job listings from agencies where they already know staff and may have visited or learned about through agencies that are already familiar from visits or internships.

Employers have a chance to promote their agencies to a talented, pre-screened group of students and to customize the specific, relevant knowledge and skills they will need on the job, through BACWWE classes and internships. Our employment page has listings from various agencies around the Bay Area.

Through a partnership with Solano Community College, which has offered a Certificate of Achievement and an A.S. degree in Water/Wastewater Technology for over 25 years, BACWWE is able to extend these opportunities to students and employers throughout the Bay Area. Solano's Occupational Education program provides liability insurance for BACWWE internships, as well as soft skills classes.

To learn more about becoming a BACWWE industry partner, please e-mail and we will follow up with information on the logistics of membership, as well as opportunities to find out more and answer any questions you may have. Current BACWWE industry partners are also available to make presentations about the program to any industry partners or Boards considering this opportunity.

Professional Recognition

BACWWE's innovative industry-education partnership has been recognized by several industry groups, including:


Industry FAQ

What's the difference between BACWWE and Solano Community College Water/Wastewater Technology Program classes?

The main difference is the industry's partners' support, which covers the costs to students. Bay Area industry partners cover the costs of BACWWE classes and textbooks, so there are no additional costs to BACWWE students enrolled in these classes. In return, BACWWE students must pass an initial Math Assessment Test in order to join the program (which Solano Community College students do not have to take) and must maintain at least a C average in their classes in order to proceed. Otherwise, the credits, class descriptions, course-level work, and Certificate of Achievement are the same as those offered through the Solano Community College program.


If I join the program as an industry partner, what is my commitment?

Industry partners support the BACWWE program in several different ways. First, the experienced instructors are drawn from partner agencies. Partner agencies also help promote the program among their employees, who receive priority placement in BACWWE classes. BACWWE partners also provide students with opportunities for internships or volunteer activities to gain experience, and list current job opportunities through the BACWWE Web site's employment listings. Each class, which costs approximately $14,000 to deliver to students, is subsidized by partners who contribute different amounts based on their daily flow of water or wastewater. Larger plants typically pay $6,000 per semester, while smaller plants pay $1,500 per semester. Partners are asked to contribute for a full academic year to support BACWWE's contract education agreement with Solano Community College. For more information on becoming a BACWWE partner, please email


Where are class locations?

Classes are offered at various locations around the Bay Area, including Martinez, Orinda, Richmond, Dublin, Pleasanton, Union City, Marin, and San Mateo. We rotate the locations each semester to help with commutes from different areas. Classes are held in the evenings at 6:00 p.m., so please take rush hour traffic into account when selecting your classes each semester.

BACWWE Partners

Alameda County

City of Livermore
City of San Leandro
East Bay Municipal Utility District
Oro Loma Sanitary District
Union Sanitary District
Zone 7 Water Agency


Contra Costa County

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
City of Brentwood
City of Martinez
Delta Diablo Sanitation District
Diablo Water District
Dublin San Ramon Services District
Ironhouse Sanitary District
Mt. View Sanitary District
Rodeo Sanitary District
Veolia Water West Operating Services, Inc. - Richmond
West County Wastewater District


Marin County

Central Marin Sanitation Agency
Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District
Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District


San Mateo County

Silicon Valley Clean Water


Solano County

Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District
Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District