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Which water and wastewater treatment career is right for you?

Student Testimonial

The water and wastewater field has lots of opportunities — in the Bay Area, in California, and nationally. We expect a lot of experienced people to retire in the next decade or so, and that will open up a lot of opportunities for those who are ready to step into these roles."

Levi Fuller
Chief Plant Operator
Dublin San Ramon Services District

Are you interested in becoming a water or wastewater treatment operator, managing the processes at a plant?

Would you rather be a technician, performing laboratory and field tests to collect samples and monitor water and wastewater quality?

What about becoming an environmental technician, collecting soil or groundwater samples and testing them for contamination or helping to design the sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants where this important work gets done?

Maybe you’d rather be a water resource specialist — helping to design or implement the strategies that make sure our water flows safely and efficiently to where it needs to go?

Whether you’d like to work inside a plant or out in the field, collecting and analyzing samples or designing and monitoring entire systems, there’s a place in this industry for anyone interested in science, the environment, and improving the ways we treat, transport, and consume this life-sustaining resource.

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