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Student Testimonial

The BACWWE courses have given me a lot of confidence, especially for my certification tests.  I’ve felt really well-prepared for my exams because of the instructors and the courses."

Anna Garcia
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Grade I
Dublin San Ramon Services District

BACWWE courses prepare students for many different features of the water/wastewater industry, including water and wastewater treatment, wastewater collection systems, water distribution systems, water conservation, and the basic scientific concepts underlying all of these.

The specific courses and sequences will vary for each student,depending on their area of interest within the industry. Please see the Course Catalogue for course descriptions, and a Suggested Education Plan for a sequence of classes that will help you to be successful..

Required Core Classes:

  • Water 100
    Wastewater Treatment I - 4 Credits
  • Water 104
    Water Treatment I - 3 Credits
  • Water 107
    Mathematics for Water & Wastewater - 4 Credits
  • Water 106
    Instrumentation & Controls - 3 Credits
  • Water 101
    Basic Chemistry for Water/Wastewater - 4 Credits

Specialty Classes:

  • Water 121
    Collection Systems Maintenance - 2 Credits
  • Water 120
    Distribution Systems Maintenance - 2 Credits
  • Water 125
    Water Conservation - 2.5 Credits
  • Water 105
    Wastewater Treatment II (Pre-requisite Water 100) - 3 Credits
  • Water 108
    Water Treatment II (Pre-requisite Water 104) - 3 Credits
  • Water 112
    Wastewater Treatment III (Pre-requisite Water 105) - 3 Credits
  • Water 103*
    Biological Principles of Water & Wastewater - 3 Credits

*Option 3. For Options 1 and 2, please click here for SCC Water & Wastewater Technology Program to see Certificate of Achievement details.

Each BACWWE course is taught by an industry expert who has current, state-of-the-art knowledge of different features of the field. For more about the instructors, click here.