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Examples of Water/Wastewater Careers

Student Testimonial

I have a lot of friends from high school who are without work, even if they went to college and got their bachelor’s degree.  BACWWE gives you real, practical options and gets you to a place where you will have a career for life — something a lot of my friends wish they had."

Mitchell Costello
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Grade III
Union Sanitary District

Those already in the field know that water and wastewater treatment career options represent tremendous opportunities for people with many different backgrounds, talents, and skills.

The variation includes different day-to-day environments and combinations of skills. For example, operators at drinking water or wastewater treatment plants make sure our drinking water meets strict environmental regulations. Employees in operations and maintenance departments keep water distribution systems and wastewater collection pipelines running smoothly. Others might work with state-of-the-art computer systems to control pumps and valves regulating the flow of millions of gallons of water, or in a laboratory testing samples, or in the field using heavy equipment to dig trenches to repair pipelines.

Click here to see a listing of typical careers that the BACWWE program will help prepare you for, depending on your level of ability and expertise.

We offer many different options, both in terms of entering the field (from entry level to management) and in terms of settings (within plants, offices, or the great outdoors). We offer other advantages, too:

  • These local careers are here to stay — because they are the types of careers that cannot be outsourced. There's a need for these careers all over the world, so the skills are portable.
  • There’s steady demand for these careers now and into the future, thanks to the continuing need for water-related expertise and the anticipated wave of retirements between now and 2020.
  • They address water conservation and sustainability, making them green careers.
  • Last but not least, they pay well, falling solidly in the category of middle- and high-wage and skill jobs that pay $20 - $50/hour, with benefits and stability.